The face behind StudioSilvana


Although my biggest passion has always been illustration, my love for everything that has to do with visual design is very big.

From graphic design to making video’s and from photography to illustration; I love working with these different techniques – and sometimes even combining them – equally as much.

My work incorporates both hand-drawing and advanced
digital techniques. I often take inspiration from nature,
fashion and everyday life to create colourful and inviting designs.

In need of an illustration, a new branding identity,
a promotional video or all of the above? I’d love to help you
engage with your audience using textures, patterns and
colour palettes and I’m always up for a challenge.

Hey you!


This is the part where we get to know each other. I would love to know know all about the project, what ideas you have in mind, the timeline and what your budget is. We also work out a plan that’s comfortable with the both of us!

I’d also love to know some more about you – what are your hobbies and interests, and what shows did you watch as a kid? (Oh, and I wouldn’t be opposed to swapping pictures of our pets either.)



Now comes the fun part! I’d love to hear about your key points and what you would like to embody. 

We also start talking about the overall vision and bring in inspiration photo’s to see if we’re on the same page regarding to the look and feel.

After this you can just sit back, relax and take the time to binge watch a new show while I am working to bring your vision to life. 



Time to create! First I will sketch out some different variations of the visual design and send them to you to check if we’re on the right track. You will get around two chances during the process to give some feedback, which I will incorporate in the final result. Before you know it our work is done, and you’re left with a beautifully created design that fits your needs perfectly! (And hopefully after this we will still swap pictures of our pets.)

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